Different, Why not?… – Wedding and Engagement photography

Different, Why not?… – Wedding and Engagement photography

  Many times when I meet with my clients for the first time, we have the same conversation about using props for the day of their wedding. Many of them don’t even┬áthink about stepping out of the traditional white shoes, … Continue reading

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Wedding album or not? That is the question… – wedding album advice

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Does your package includes an album?… This is one of the most common questions I get when I am meeting with a new couple looking to book my services. I am quite sure this not only happens to me but … Continue reading

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Album Design Guidelines…

Creating your album can be a long and tedious process. But we are here to make sure it is a fun and easy process for you, putting lots of tools and information on your hands to guarantee that your custom made album is done in a timely manner and the end results are exactly what you want. Here are some steps and helpful information to start the album of your dreams.
You have all those amazing images from your wedding day and you are probably thinking” what should I do now?” “I want them all in my album”.
But the truth is that you don’t. Yes! you don’t need all your images in your album. The wedding album has to be creative and fun, elegant and beautiful even thought you have lots of great pictures from your wedding you cannot place them all in there. The recommended amount of photos in a single wedding album is “80″ some going up to “100″ photos. But there is a reason why photographers use these magic numbers. One of them is design you cannot design an album with more than 100 photos without making it look crowded, besides the fact that an album with too many photos will not leave enough room to have the images in a proper size, the more images per page the smaller they have to be. Next to that, other problems arise from having too many photos, the album becomes to heavy to handle and no one wants to hold an album that weights 30 pounds and looks like and almanac. Then there is price the bigger your album the more it cost to manufacture and many other reasons that are not even worth to mention.
So remember you want to keep your album fun. Condense the story of your wedding in a way that everybody can relive those special moments without getting bored half way into the album.
With this in mind here are some tips to select your images:
- Go to your online gallery and create a folder and name it album images (select the images included in your album contract. We do not recommend you to exceed 100 photos). Now drop your images in that folder. Take your time. Selecting your images can be fun and if you let your spouse participate, it will be a nice experience to share.
- Start with an order in mind. Getting ready, dress, details, etc. All the images tell a story and you are the star.
- Continue with images of the ceremony and family portraits then reception and try to collect the images from the most important moments. The walk, the vows, the kiss, etc. We deliver all the images in chronological order to make your selection easy, we strongly recommend you to follow it.
At this point you might have more than 100 photos but you can start narrowing them down, removing repetitive images and eliminating images of far relatives or no so close friends. Remember the album is about you.
Don’t forget to select details for some backgrounds and nice effects. And also make sure to have an image of you and your spouse in mind just in case you want to have a cover image for your album. (save the image number you will need it later)
Once all your images are selected send us an email letting us know you have dropped all the images in the folder. We will review your selection and will give you our feedback. If we think you need to make a better selection we will contact you back. Otherwise we will contact you to start your album design process.
At this point you will receive and e-mail with a link to an online form for you to fill out with important information to create your design. Make sure to review the form before clicking the submit button. All the information in that form will help our designer to create an album according to what you like.
Once we receive your album notes we will forward the notes to the designer along with the images you have selected and the design process will begin. This process will take approximately 5 to 6 weeks. Once your design is done you will receive and email with a file or a link to view your design. At this point you have 4 weeks to review and approve your design. You have one revision of unlimited changes included with your album. (please view our “What are album revisions and changes” for more information). Please make sure to submit your revisions on time. If we do not receive your revisions within the 4 weeks your design will be filled and there will be a $25.00 release fee to revise your file again. At this point we will take your notes and send them to the designer, after 3 to 4 weeks you will receive another email informing you that your changes have been made. Now you will have the option to approve your album or to purchase more revisions. (if you have to do revisions after the first one due to the fact that the new design was processed incorrectly in our part we will do the proper corrections at no costs to you, Otherwise a new revision will have a one time fee of $100.00).
If a new revision is requested by you, you will receive an email with the steps to process the new revisions. Please be aware that no revisions will be submitted to our designer without its proper payment.
Here the process repeats itself. After 4 weeks your will receive a new draft for you to view and approve. The process will continue until you are completely satisfy with your design and we will get ready to print and bind.
Now is time to send your album to the binder you have approved your design and we have all the information to send it out. This process its the most important one since once the album is sent to print no more changes can be made. At this point your album must be paid in full no album will be sent to print without full payment.
(we have to use this measure because it is a requirement from our binder).
Your album is sent to print and bind now this varies depending of the season but it usually takes between 8 to 9 weeks. Once your album is done we will contact you to arrange your pick up or delivery.
We take the up-most care and attention to details when it comes to create your album and even when this has been a long journey we want to make sure no detail has been left out, after all our albums are unique pieces of art that hold the most important memories in your life and they are certainly the most beautiful heirlooms you can leave to your children and your family for many generations to come.
We thank you one more time for choosing us to be your photographer and let us share all this memories with you.
For help or more specific questions regarding your album design, selection and binding process please contact us at any time at info@prizmaphoto.com.

Selecting a photographer…

Selecting a photographer to record your special moments is more complicated than you think. Not only you have to like the images but his personality, there must be some kind of chemistry between the photographer and their subjects. Of course money always is a very influential factor but after all it’s your memories we are talking about and the piece of mind of knowing that the person you have trust those memories is doing a good job. Experience and good references by previous customers can be very helpful information when making a decision.PRIZMA has different prices according to your needs. Weather you are looking for a personal photo session or a photographer to cover your wedding or special event, we can customize every option for you to have the experience and the results you are looking for. We understand that this is a very important investment for you, for this reason we offer the best quality printing materials and work with the best vendors worldwide to deliver not only great service but a final product that you will sure enjoy for the rest of your lives.

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