Falling in LOVE again… – newborn photography

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Real LOVE only happens when you hold your baby for the first time. Although I am not a father myself, yet! When I see parents caring for their babies I can clearly read in their eyes the incredible devotion and … Continue reading

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Growing so fast…


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I cannot believe we are on Milena’s nine month session already. It has been an amazing year and soon she will be on her last one year session. We are certainly looking forward to that day. For now we would … Continue reading

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Dress like a monster a naughty nurse or a creature out of this planet not necessary means Halloween. There is lots of different options when you have to select a custom for your children or even yourself. Cute always beats scary and it doesn’t matter how costly or elaborate you choice is, it is all about having fun. It is true that every year there is less interest about this ancient tradition, but those who wait anxiously every year to dress up for this occasion creativity and originality is a must. So it doesn’t matter what are you gonna dress like this year or if you don’t have the money to buy an expensive Dracula or Sexy nurse outfit. Grab what you can find, gather with your family and friends and get out on the 31st. There is nothing more rewarding on Halloween than get home with your bags full of candies, drop them on the floor and stuff yourself whit them. For the kids is a great time, for you an excuse to walk and exercise a little and of course dress up like your favorite childhood hero and look dumb. Don’t worry I am also happy that is only once a year after all… is that SCARY? I don’t think so.

The children of Fotomission.

The children of Fotomission.

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Year after year Fotomission has taken the responsibility to give back to this community. Being a volunteer operated organization they not only promote and operate photographic exhibitions to create awareness and social change with photography, but they also have brought … Continue reading

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