” Photography is my love and my lifetime passion. Everybody is different and that makes my work inspiring and exciting every single time. Thank you for visiting my site and appreciate my work”

Dario Maldonado

I’m a photographer who specializes in weddings, portraits, commercial & fine art photography. Based in Miami but available to travel nation wide for photography assignments. I am very passionate and committed to my craft. I love adventure, creativity, traveling, spontaneity and inspiring others. I am a dreamer and a hopeless romantic at heart. I thank God that he has blessed me with creative gifts and abundant love. I have been a full time professional photographer since 2003. I started out shooting mainly portraits and small events, but began shooting weddings in 2004. To this day, I am passionate about both. Before that, I traveled all over photographing nature starting like that my love and passion for this art. When I arrived in Miami I got the opportunity of working with all types of photographers, on all kinds of photo shoots and with all kinds of people. My time assisting them has certainly helped me immeasurably to grow in this business. I know how intimidating it can be to have your photo taken and feel uncomfortable. Therefore, I feel that one of my biggest strengths as a photographer is directing and working with people in a way that helps them feel at ease and relaxed in the whole process and the fact that I did not go to school to be a professional photographer allows me to shoot free and from the heart without having to worry about techniques, letting my heart, intuition and knowledge guide me on every shoot. I believe that every great photographer is not only a photographer, but also an artist. A great photographer can not only capture great images, but create images worthy of capturing! I feel that it is my job to both capture and create and that is exactly what I do at weddings! What I believe… Our society has become obsessed with technology and a wave of inventions that have made everything newer, faster, cheaper and easier. We are living in a fast paced generation where demands are high and slicker, quicker, cheaper and easier are not only the standard but somehow the expectation of consumers. The photography industry has certainly had it’s share of major changes that have thrust us into the age of digital technology! Technology that enables photographers to shoot endless amounts of pictures easier and cheaper and deliver them to their clients faster than ever before. Technology that enables photographers to be less careful about what is happening in front of the camera because certainly they can “fix it” later in Photo shop. In my humble but very strong opinion, it is this technology that is killing the art and the soul of photography! Human beings used to take such pride in the items they made. Consider furniture, clothing, buildings and art; everything made by hand with great care, quality and built to last over time. In our present generation, everything is disposable, machine made, faster, cheaper, easier and definitely not made to last over time. For me, the finer, more cherished things in life take time, attention to detail and great care. This is why I am still “old school” in my approach to my art, my business and my thought process. To me, a wedding is monumental event that should be treasured. The images captured on the wedding day should be treasured just the same. Pouring my heart and soul into my work, never sacrificing quality and taking the time necessary to make my images ones that you’ll cherish, is simply who I am. Digital and film… I often get asked “why do you still shoot with film?”. The answer is pretty simple. I am a huge fan of the quality, richness and magical look that film has to offer. Shooting film connects me to my subject and surroundings and makes me more acute to what is happening in front of my camera. There is no reason for me to be distracted by viewing the images in the back of my camera all day, so instead, I am focused on looking through the viewfinder; waiting for just the right moments to capture. When I started shooting nature back in 2001, digital was not even an option. I learned photography on film and have never let it go. Despite the pressure of the photographic industries and all my fellow photographers, I have held steadfast and true to my love of film and have no plans on ever leaving my film cameras behind. By using one of the best film labs in the world to scan my film into high resolution digital files I get the best of both worlds, film and digital. I get the look and beauty of film capture along with the convenience of digital (like utilizing Photo Shop when needed and being able to show my work on the internet and share digital files with my clients). Yes, it is true that film is more expensive to shoot and requires me to be an expert at my craft. That is exactly why I will continue to shoot with it. For me, photography is still an art. It’s my art. It’s my blood, my sweat and my tears. It’s also my joy and my love. I would never dream of sacrificing the quality and look of the images I produce for anything. I know that every photographer has their opinion about which is superior, film or digital. For me, film is what makes my heart happy and emotionally ties me to my images; I love it. In the other hand incorporating Digital with film gives me the opportunity to offer my client the option without having to refuse an specific assignment for not being able to offer the option. As a photographer I strongly believe that the camera, film or digital are only tools an extension of our talent to capture amazing moments. My Style… I consider my style editorial, fine art, creative and photojournalistic. I shoot like I am shooting for a magazine ad. During the getting ready process, I shoot very candidly and capture moments as they naturally happen. During the time we set aside for bride and groom, family and group pictures, I am much more directive. I work with you very intently and will direct you in a natural, fun and creative way. I love to help my couples and their families relax and enjoy the photo process and really strive to make everyone comfortable. During your ceremony and reception, I am capturing everything very candidly and do not have you pose for shots during those times. You just enjoy those moments and I am there, ready to capture them unfolding. I love to capture the essence and energy of the day and aim to bring emotion and feeling into the photographs. I also aim to make everyone look their best and shoot in flattering light and angles. My goal for every wedding is to get the best pictures possible that day.

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